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Hearing Solutions

Hearing Solutions

Selecting a Hearing Device

We are committed to your success with your new hearing device.
We consider many factors when recommending the best hearing aid solution for your needs, including lifestyle and daily communication needs, levels of daily technology use for work, school or recreation, and possible budget concerns. We also look at any difficulties you may have with vision, manual dexterity, memory or cognitive problems, and the need for additional support from family or caregivers.

Hearing devices are available in a variety of design options and features. We consider the advantages of any given design for different patient needs, and discuss these as part of the selection process. If hearing aids are not the best option, we are happy to provide guidance with regard to the many specially designed assistive hearing devices available today for telephone, television, and music enjoyment.


To get you started, the following is an overview of the most common hearing device design options:

Invisible/Completely-In-The-Canal (IIC or CIC)
  • For mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Completely invisible in most ears
  • Custom-made for you
Receiver-In-The-Canal/Ear (RIC or RITE)
  • For mild to moderately severe hearing loss
  • Leaves the ear open
  • Reduced or no “plugged up” feeling
  • Sleek design barely visible when worn
Behind-The-Ear (BTE)
  • Appropriate for almost all types of hearing loss
  • Custom earpiece is molded to fit your outer ear
  • Discreet design
In-The-Canal/Ear (ITC or ITE)
  • For mild to moderately severe hearing loss
  • Custom made to fit in the ear

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Patient Testimonials

"I liked the expertise of Allison Keenan, audiologist, and her knowledge of testing to fit my first hearing aid. Everything I needed to know about my new hearing aid was explained in great detail."

Kathleen A. of Erie, PA

Erie Audiology, Inc.

"They are very professional and helpful and I would not be afraid to recommend Erie Audiology to anyone!"

John H. of Erie, PA

"They were interested in me and how I am doing as a person, not just a customer."

Jack G. of Erie, PA

"Very professional and friendly. The hearing aids are excellent and they will clean and test the aid on a regular schedule (at no charge). Will work with you to make sure that you get the aid you want."

John H. of Erie, PA

"She was very professional but she was very caring. My mother has a unique situation and has a misshapen ear canal and this audiologist has experience with people who have suffered from the exact same thing. So she was very familiar with it and she definitely put my mother at ease. We had a lot of confidence in her that she would be able to help us."

Donalyn S. of Jamestown, NY

"I like the friendly, helpful staff. I like the thorough expectations and helpful recommendations. I like the timely appointments."

Janice R. of Erie, PA

"Knowledge of hearing problems and products offered. Sincere desire to help patients get the best results from their hearing aids. Patience in making adjustments. Good instructions and care of hearing instruments courtesy and friendliness of staff."

Anonymous of North East, PA

"The doctor took her time, wasn't rushed and explained everything in detail. She answered all my questions, especially in the follow-up visits. Very professional group of people!"

Edward J. of Erie, PA

"I appreciated the time spent with me to understand my needs, the one-on-one explanation of options and devices and the follow up visit to fine tune my hearing aids. I felt like everyone in the office cared about me."

Sandra S. of McKean, PA

"The doctor took her time, wasn't rushed and explained everything in detail. She answered all my questions, especially in the follow-up visits. Very professional group of people!"

-Edward J. of Erie, PA

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